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St. Mark's and Immanuel Lutheran Church

St.Marks:N1210 Rich Rd.
Immanuel:W7082 Pearl St.

Watertown, WI  53098


St. Mark's and Immanuel Lutheran Church

 Our Schedule at Immanuel  
and St. Mark's

Welcome to a small country church where everybody knows your name.  We are a conservative, Bible based Lutheran church of the Wisconsin Evangeliccal Lutheran Synod and would love to get to know your name!

Weekly Worship:

8:30AM Sunday Service at Immanuel        
10:15AM Sunday Service at St. Mark's

Holy Communion celebrated on 2nd and 4th Sundays, on which Pastor Hoff usually preaches.  Guest preachers on alternate Sundays.

NOTEOur weeklly Bible reading schedule is posted under "Pastor's Update"

     After "Staying at home" for a couple of months and worshipping virtually with others we are planning to have our first service on June 7.  (See letter below).
     - "Chapel of the Air" AM 940 WFAW 9:30-10:00  Various WELS pastors of the area record a sermon at LLHS and it is broadcast from Fort Atkinson.
June 28, Sun. - 8:30am Worship with Holy Communion at Immanuel & 10:15am at St. Mark's.  We will be celebrating the Pentecost with Pastor Hoff preaching.
July 5, Sun. - 8:30am Worship at Immanuel& 10:15 at St. Mark's for Pentecost 5 Pastor James Rath our guest preacher
July 12, Sun. - 8:30am Worship at Immanuel with Holy Communion and 10:15 at St. Mark's for Pentecost 6.  Pastor Hoff preaching.
                      - 9:30am Pastor Nick Quinnett installed as second pastor at St. John's, Watertown.
July 19, Sun. - 8:30 Worship at Immanuel and 10:15 at St. Mark's for Pentecost 7 with Pasor David Heuser our guest preacher.
                      - St. Mark's Quarterly Meeting after worship.
July 26, Sun. - 8:30am Worship with Holy Communion at Immanuel and 10:15 at St. Mark's for Pentecost 8.  Pastor Hoff preaching.
 St. Mark’s & Immanuel Lutheran Church
N1210 Rich Rd. (Richwood)     &     W7082 Pearl St. (Hubbleton)
Watertown WI  53098
Pastor Hoff  920-382-7647
May, 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
            From everything we have heard no one in our church family has suffered from the virus.  Thanks be to God!  Please continue to stay safe!
            Of course we are all eagerly awaiting the day when we will be able to once again assemble in church for worship.  At this point we are assuming that that will be possible soon, (our goal June 7th).  That, of course, does not mean that the virus has disappeared.  Thus when we once again assemble we will want to take proper precautions to keep one another safe. 
            Obviously that means that if you are not feeling well, or have any symptoms of the virus that you will be considerate of others and refrain from attending.  Or if your health is somehow compromised, please do not feel guilty if you do not feel comfortable attending at this time.  Pastor will be happy to serve you privately according to your circumstances.  And when we do gather we will want to observe the 6 ft. minimum distancing guideline.  In seating that may mean that one (couple or individual) might sit at the outside of a pew and the next sit on the inside of the next pew.  Then we could leave a pew empty and repeat that pattern.  In that way we should be able to worship together at the accepted safe distance.  We will want to scatter throughout the church instead of as is our good Lutheran custom huddling together in the back :)
            So that we do not have to pass an offering plate one will be placed at the door to receive offerings as you enter or leave.
            For Holy Communion, we have discussed and propose the following procedure:  We will for the time being not use the common cup.  The individual cups will be spaced in the tray so you can remove the cup without touching another cup.  The wafer will be placed in a small paper cup on another tray, again so that you can take one without touching the others.  Pastor (with perhaps the assistance of an elder) will walk throughout the sanctuary with each tray so that each individual can receive a cup containing the wafer and a cup of wine.  When you receive yours wait till all others have received theirs.  Then at the direction of the pastor we will all together “take and eat” and “take and drink”.  An usher can go throughout the sanctuary with a receptacle for empty cups.
            One of the most controversial aspects of this whole pandemic is the use of masks.  Please do what is most comfortable for you, but be aware that especially during singing particles are thrust forcibly out of your mouth, so especially during singing a mask might be recommended.  Pastor will wear a mask when singing and distributing Holy Communion.
             Our plan for the month of June (if indeed we are allowed to assemble at that time) will be to celebrate Easter on June 7th & 14th, then Ascension on the 21st, and Pentecost on the 28th according to our usual time and schedule.   Then in July we will continue with our regular schedule celebrating the Sundays after Pentecost.  This plan of course will depend on any further developments or directions from local health officials.
             A couple final announcements:  First, at their council meeting St. Mark’s council made the decision NOT to have the Wednesday evening service this summer since there will not be much traveling but to continue with Sunday services for this year.  Secondly, obviously bills still continue to be paid while we have been apart, and since it has been difficult to gather offerings, we have created a deficit in the budget.  Until we are able to gather, Tom Strauss has offered to bank any offerings for both of our congregations. If you so desire, please send your offering to: Tom Strauss 212 S 7th St. Watertown, WI 53094.
            If you have any concerns or questions please call Pastor. (phone # above)
I rejoiced with those who said to me,  “Let us go to the house of the LORD.” (Ps. 122:1)
            Your Church Family




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