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St. Mark's and Immanuel Lutheran Church

St.Marks:N1210 Rich Rd.
Immanuel:W7082 Pearl St.

Watertown, WI  53098


Our Mission

Our Mission at Immanuel and St. Mark’s:

To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

In keeping with this mission we as the family of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church of Richwood and Immanuel Lutheran Church of Hubbleton strive to meet these goals

To teach God’s Word and administer the Sacraments.  Our Church is based solely on the Bible which is the inspired and inerrant (without error) Word of God. Therefore it is our goal to share the Word with young and old alike, through worship, Bible Classes, Sunday School and Catechism Classes. We further desire to use the two Sacraments, Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, that the Holy Spirit might begin and strengthen saving Faith in Jesus, our Savior.

To encourage each other in spiritual growth.  Our church is a family of faith, united in Christ and His Word. Therefore it is our goal to love one another, share one another’s burdens and help build each other up in faith. We further desire to motivate and inspire each other to reach out and find those in need.

To share God’s love and forgiveness with all people. Our Lord wants all people to be saved through faith and learn the truth of his Word, so that the number of believers will grow until our risen Savior comes again in all his glory. Therefore it is our goal to bring the Gospel to as many of the diverse peoples of our community as possible. We further desire to help share the Gospel world – wide, through our mission offerings.  

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