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St. Mark's and Immanuel Lutheran Church

St.Marks:N1210 Rich Rd.
Immanuel:W7082 Pearl St.

Watertown, WI  53098


Pastor's Update 

   JESUS LIVES!  The victory is won!  And the celebration continues...
The butterfly is a traditional symbol of the resurrection.  The worm takes one last look at the bright world around and crawls into it's chrysilis, to be changed from an homely creature of the ground to a beautiful soaring creature of the sky.  So also will it be for each of us at the resurrection... homely creatures of this earth transformed, glorified with our spiritual bodies perfectly suited to live in the presence and glory of our Savior God for all eternity!
The same symbol can well be used of another transformation, the spiritual transformation that takes place within, all because Jesus lives.  Our old sinful self is dead, blind, unable to do a thing; but then the Spirit of God using Gospel (the Good News of Jesus' victory) in Word and Sacrament touches our hearts, brings us life, spiritual life, life that communes with God, life that has power to love and live with God. 
That miracle does not happen without the working of the Spirit of God through His chosen means: Word and Sacrament.  So...
Let us not neglect those means...
And Let us live like the beautiful soaring creatures He has made us to be! 


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